Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Tried to see if Joel Biroco would do an interview about Promethea but as I expected the answer was no.
He did try to ask Steve Moore if he would do an interview about Little Margie in Misty Magic Land for me but it turns out that Steve is 10 times more reclusive than Alan when it comes to being interviewed. Actually probably more like a thousand times as Alan is quite fond of answering interview questions about Magick and comic books in general.

Oh well I'll try and see if I can interview Eric Shanower somehow instead.

Someone suggested Grant Morrisson's The Invisibles as a comic book that readers of Promethea might enjoy so I've added it to that list.

And finally someone sent me some tagalog translation to add to Issue #23 annotations

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Bob Hope dies aged 100.
A good innings as they say in cricket.
I wasn't a huge fan of Mr. Hope but I did enjoy some of his old movies. And it was good to have someone entertain troops in battle zones throughout numerous wars. I wonder what he would have made of the latest Iran conflict though. Not too much humor there as far as I can see.
A quote from John Steinbeck on his official website
John Steinbeck said of Hope, " This man drives himself and is driven. It is impossible to see how he can do so much, can cover so much ground, can work so hard and be so effective. There's a man. There is really a man."
Bob Hope Website
While the rapid-fire jokes had long ceased to fly from his lips, Hope kept his sense of humor, even about his impending demise.
Linda Hope recalled that when asked recently by his wife about where he wanted to be buried, her father answered: "Surprise me."

Monday, July 28, 2003

Just added a new interview with Jose Villarubia to my
Promethea interviews page
Whenever I announce a new interview on various web sites I tend to get too many hits so that other people can't actually read the new interview so I also tend to duplicate the text at my
Promethea group on Yahoo

anyway I should hear about the interview by this Friday and in any case if I don't end up getting the job there is a brand new other 12 month Web Page Design job to apply for which closes this Friday so I'll start preparing an application for that one too. It's less pay so on the off chance that I do get the job I've already applied for I won't bother applying for the second job until Friday itself.
Weekend took the wife and girls out to a nice shopping mall out on the riverbank. A bit cold so mostly we just ate and looked at shops and did very minimal looking at the river outside.
On Saturday it was uncle-in-law's 70th wedding anniversary so we had lunch over at my mother in laws place and quite a nice chat afterwards. Very cold too and nice warm heater going so that the girls fell asleep after we chatted. Quite a nice weekend.
Reading Arturo Perez-Reverte's
The Dumas Club
and Joel Biroco's website journal
which was part of the inspiration for my starting up this Blog in the first place.
Listening to
Dark Side of the Moon
Revolver, Sgt. Pepper and the Travelling Wilburys
Cute things kids say
When I point out the moon in the night sky to my oldest girl Amelia her reaction is
Where's the cow?

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Well the job interview went all right. I should hear one way or the other by next week.
Not holding my breath on that one.
Got a ticket to see Lou Reed when he does his Sydney concert.
A bit expensive but the album he's promoting this time is NYC Man which is a best of career retrospective so it should be a good concert and the other album is The Raven based on Edgar Allan Poe stories. Last time he did a concert in Sydney it was just all songs from his latest album which wasn't one of his better ones and the only other song was Sweet Jane as an encore. This one should prove a bit more interesting.
Also I've ordered the two new Alan Moore books that Jose Villarubia has added illustrations for
Voice of the Fire and the Mirror of Love.
both signed by Alan and Jose.
Quite a few things to look forward to but Extraordinary Works of AM still hasn't been released

Monday, July 21, 2003

My first entry and already I've made a typo
"see here" should obviously read "so here"
will have to recheck spelling etc before I post blogs in future.

Originally I started up a blog at Angelfire but I'm quickly running out of room see here are the first few entries duplicated
Monday, 21 July 2003

Job Interview
Well I got through to an interview for the job I applied for on this Thursday July 24th at 10 am.
Wish me luck
The mail thing sorted itself out.
Getting lots of feedback from people interested in Promethea including a few more entries in the Essay competition.
Things are looking up

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Saturday, 12 July 2003

Yahoo email & job application
Don't know if it's Yahoo's fault or mine but I can't seem to read my Yahoo email at the moment which is a bit frustrating as I can still see that there are 4 new emails to catch up on and one of them might be important.
Also I'm applying for a job in IT at Ilanet I work at the State Library of NSW (www.sl.nsw.gov.au) which I doubt I will get but I'd like to just go for the interview practice and I've left it till the last minute to put my application in and am now panicking to get it done on time and not make too many typos and spelling mistakes.
Life goes on.
Got the latest republication of an old Alan Moore title. This time it's Supreme: The Return. Unfortunately he wrote at least two more scripts that have never been drawn or published so even though there are 10 chapters (or issues) in this title the conclusion is not 100 % conclusive.
Never mind still looking forward to getting
The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore which should come out next week.

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Friday, 11 July 2003

Interviews with people who Produce Promethea
I've started interviewing people who help produce Promethea.
The completed ones can be seen at
So far I've done Mick Gray and Jeromy Cox. Next up I hope to have Todd Klein or Jose Villarubia. After that there's really only JH Williams III and possibly Charles Vess. If I could get Alan Moore I would but I don't know if he'd be interested and anyway I only have email and no fax machine. Maybe a phone interview but he might not want to be interviewed.
Preferably I'd like to update all the interviews when all 32 issues are published and even eventually write up a book length study of Promethea (if only to post it on the net somewhere). I doubt if anybody would be interested in publishing or reading it except for a few Prometheaphiles like myself. Anyway that's the plan.
Let's hope I can stick to it.

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Thursday, 10 July 2003

First glob
Why a glob well why not.
Life must be lived forward but can only be understood backwards.
Who said that.
Well I just did or rather I typed it up on the net here.
This is my first entry and there's really not all that much to say.
Anybody can write up a blog but I'm going to be writing my Glob and if you want to know what a glob is
A small drop; a globule.
A soft thick lump or mass: a glob of mashed potatoes; globs of red mud.
[Middle English globbe, large mass, from Latin globus, globular mass.]
definition taken from
So this is going to be either a small drop or a thick lump or mass of words that I write up on a PC somewhere and you have the privelege of reading when you want to.

another definition from the same source for those who are more computer literate than I am:

/glob/, _not_ /glohb/ v.,n. [Unix; common] To expand
special characters in a wildcarded name, or the act of so doing (the
action is also called `globbing'). The Unix conventions for
filename wildcarding have become sufficiently pervasive that many
hackers use some of them in written English, especially in email or
news on technical topics. Those commonly encountered include the

wildcard for any string (see also UN*X)

wildcard for any single character (generally read this way
only at the beginning or in the middle of a word)

delimits a wildcard matching any of the enclosed characters

alternation of comma-separated alternatives; thus,
`foobaz,qux' would be read as `foobaz' or `fooqux'

Some examples: "He said his name was [KC]arl" (expresses ambiguity).
"I don't read talk.politics.*" (any of the talk.politics subgroups
on Usenet). Other examples are given under the entry for {X}.
Note that glob patterns are similar, but not identical, to those
used in regexps.

Historical note: The jargon usage derives from `glob', the name
of a subprogram that expanded wildcards in archaic pre-Bourne
versions of the Unix shell.

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