Friday, August 22, 2003

Finally got feedback on where I went wrong with my application for Web Page job.
Mostly I misread it as only a one page application when there was no such restrictions and also didn't give any examples to prove I am capable of doing blah blah blah
Appears that most of the job will involve verifying if webpages are valid in HTML 4.01 which you can do at
W3C HTML validator page
I tried validating the main page of the library where I work and came up with 27 errors.
My Blog here only comes up with 2 errors.
Neither of them caused by me.
I still have until Monday to put the new application in but unfortunately I'm on a night-shift so will have to try and get in early to have it all done properly.

Someone at my Yahoo Group for Promethea came up with some interesting links for Glycon the snake god that Alan Moore worships.
the story of the glycon snake with coin pictures

a page at the top of which are links to excellent pics of a 2nd century bronze glycon statue

a 2nd century marble statue

not sure what's going on here
Seems like the last one is a French site.

Discovered that what looks like Enochian language in 1602 #1 on page 13 panel 3 is actually at least partly Latvian
Kron and Zeves are Latvian for Jupiter and Saturn so probably Aris is Mars.

Quote of the Day
"What are you going to do. Kill Me? Everybody dies" -
John Garfield about to be roughed up by some mobsters in an old movie whose name escapes me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Voice from the Vault on the Radio today was none other than Groucho Marx whom I recognized straightaway as I had the LP his speech came from. I think it was live at Carnegie Hall (1974) or thereabouts. They played it today because today is Groucho Marx's deathday. Back in 1977 on this day Groucho Marx died at the grand old age of 86 almost 87. Not quite up there with Bob Hope's 100 but then I think Groucho was much funnier than Bob Hope.
They played a bit of "Hello I must be going" saying it was from Animal Crackers and misdating it as 1936 when it actually came out in 1930 as any good Marxist or member of Why A Duck? knows.
I tried to ring up to claim a prize but the phone was engaged. It took about 4 or 5 goes before someone guessed it correctly.
The Marx Bros were one of my first obsessions. I bought just about every book about them I could find and I memorized all their films and the dates they were released from The Coconuts (1929) to Love Happy (1949). The Story of Mankind from the 1950's doesn't actually count as they don't interact with one another being just reduced to solitary cameos with the best one being Harpo as Isaac Newton.
I guess the Marx Bros are largely responsible for my healty disrespect of authority.
After the Marxes I discovered Monty Python.
Woke up very early and finished Sandman Volume 1 Preludes & Nocturnes. On the train coming to work finished all but the last 3 chapters of Well of Lost Plots. Should finish it going home after work.
Dancing around with my 3 year old daughter this morning to a Blondie song on the radio and when she asked me who it was I said Blondie to which she replied That's not Aunt Elizabeth. Liz is blonde and we often refer to her as Blondie.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Off to work this Saturday afternoon. On the way stopped off at comic books shop and bought the second volume of Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwrights adventures Heart of Empire. I asked but they didn't have the first one. I bought it anyway as I'm guessing it's a stand alone volume.

Getting well into Well of Lost Plots today and hope to have it finished by Monday then I can concentrate on reading Marquez and the comics I've just bought. Only the best in comics for me from now on.
Tom Strong #21 and Smax #1 are out next Wednesday which gives me a couple of new Moore items to look forward to.
Check out Zander Cannon's webpage for any news about Smax, etc.
Just joined up with the Jasper Fforde fan club and should be getting copies of their Newsletter Whatever Next from now on.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Chapter 1 of Gabriel Garcia Marquez 100 Years of Solitude
Up to chapter 16 of The Well of Lost Plots
First two issues of Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Yesterday walking on my way to work in sort of semi-heavy traffic a nice female bus driver asked me if I was going to the train station and let me get on her totally empty bus for free and a 3 minute ride which would normally be a 20 minute walk so I managed to get to work a bit earlier than normal.
Have been leaving home a bit later than ususal this week as I have to record Angelina Ballerina for our oldest daughter. It's shown at about 8.10 am and goes for 15 or so minutes. Nice little show for kids her age. She just loves them and can watch the same 4 or 5 episodes hundreds of times over and even recites some of the dialogue as it is about to be spoken.
Saw Terminator 3 last night. First night out at the movies for ages. Not a bad flick. The images of nuclear weapons going off all around the world actually looked quite beautiful in an Armageddon is what we deserve anyway sort of way.
Relevant to todays political climate in many ways although I doubt that computers would be able to launch weapons (especially targeted at their own country) unless some human gets to punch a key or put in a code somewhere along the way. It's been done before Wargames and some other earlier 70s movie Colossus: The Forbin Project but it's still relevant to todays situation in more ways than one.
Charles Vess has agreed to do an interview about his A Faerie Romance Pages for Promethea #4 and someone sent in another essay comparing Promethea with Matrix 2 which I still haven't seen yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I'm looking at this webpage using Mozilla rather than the usual Internet Explorer. Can't really tell any difference apart from the icons etc on top it looks pretty much the same.
Got a letter back about my last Web Support Officer Application saying that I was unsuccesful in getting an interview.
Great I manage to be only one of two people who got through to an interview for the previous job I applied for but I didn't even manage to pass muster to get interviewed for this much easier job that I feel I am more qualified for anyway.
Oh well them's the breaks. Will get feedback on what I omitted from my application form to see why I was rejected.
The readvertised version of this WSO job is almost the same as the original except that some essentials are now only desirable which means that a lot more people are going to apply so there'll be more competition. Maybe I was the only one to apply for this one and they didn't want to have to be forced to accept me.
Life goes on anyway.
The biggest disappointment for me has been how few people actually bothered to enter my Promethea Essay Competition.
So far it's only these 7 and the competition finished at the end of this month. I was hoping to at least reach double figures.
I'm actually thinking of sending in my own entry under a pseudonym (but not getting one of the top 3 prizes for it) in order to try and spark up some last minute additions.
Why aren't people interested in writing something as short as 1000 words to win a free prize but then I suppose I should talk. I didn't even bother entering the Voice of the Fire Competition mainly because I'd already pre-ordered a signed copy ot if. Still that one was only 500 words I wonder how many entries they got?
One other thing I'm really hanging out for is to finally get to see the cover for Promethea #27 which they seem to be leaving till the last minute. After all the cover for #28 is already up on the net. And the thing is I already know what's the cover is going to show.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Just starting to read Jasper Fforde's third Thursday Next novel The Well of Lost Plots. On the train this morning I read all the quotes at the start of each chapter. Chapter 13 "Reservoir near the Church of St. Stephens" appears to be missing. The book goes from Chapter 12 straight to Chapter 14. Perhaps the characters are superstitious.
Downloaded a b&w skin for my internet explorer of Michelle Pfeiffer. Unfortunately the address field cuts across her mouth in both pictures of her giving it a rather strange fetishized look. A beautiful face without a mouth repeated twice.
Someone pointed out to me that the name of the world's first cloned horse is Prometea
An interesting link given out by the place where I work is Omniglot - a guide to writing systems covering everything from hieroglyphics to undeciphered languages including an invented undeciphered language as well as the famous Voynich manuscript
The last job I went for has been readvertised
"with minor changes to the selection criteria to attract a broader range of applicants"
In other words not enough people applied for it so they're making the qualifications necessary a bit easier hoping to get more people going for it. Trouble is now I have to resubmit my application once again. Bother.
Last job I went for only two people got as far as an interview and I was the one that didn't get it. Hopefully I'll have slightly better luck with this one
Web Support Officer in the Electronic Library Services section of the Enterprise Information Strategy Branch.
Now that's a mouthful.

Monday, August 11, 2003

My wife went to see Blondie last night but by the time she came home the girls and I were asleep and I rushed off early to work this morning so I'll have to wait till I get back this evening to find out how it went.
Todd Klein finally answered my interview questions.
An old friend popped in for an hour or so on his way to a party.
My two little girls have been invited to another first birthday and that's about it for the weekend.
Saw a documentary on the Spanish artist Goya by the Aussie art critic Robert Hughes. Interesting painter although to my eyes his bizarre faces and images sometimes look slightly blurred but maybe that was the effect he was trying to achieve. He could paint photorealistically if he wanted to (especially his portraits of the upper classes and their servants etc but when he painted stuff from his nightmares and images of madmen and aged ugly people they are usually not as focused. I didn't know he went deaf for a large part of his life. Overall impressive as an exploration of a famous artist whose images I knew even if I didn't know much about him as a person. This is the sort of show that makes having a TV set worthwhile.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Well I didn't end up getting the IT job I applied for but will be getting some feedback from the person who interviewed me tomorrow. Apparently I was only one of two people who got as far as doing the interview and the other person was more qualified than I am. At least it's heartening to know that I came off second and hopefully the feedback should help if I get to an interview for the second job I've applied for helping to maintain webpages for the library I work at.
In a fit of overspending after payday last week I got DVDs of
Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale and
Nicholas Meyer's Time after Time.
Malcolm McDowell as HG Wells pursues David Warner's Jack the Ripper to contemporary (1979) San Francisco.
Also 4 paperbacks each one only 5 dollars
Alexander Dumas 3 Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo,
Gaston Leroux The Phantom of the Opera and
Cervantes Don Quixote.
The only one I've read before (a long time ago) is Don Quixote. The other 3 I'm familiar with through movie adapatations.

Nice to get an email from Peter Hogan who has scripted Terra Obscura and chat back and forth for a little while via email

I've been doing some fill-in issues of Tom Strong - currently writing my third. After that, I'm hoping we'll get a green light for more Terra Obscura, but it all depends on sales figures. At least the reviews have been good ! Will happily do even more ABC stuff if Alan wants me to - the whole experience has been fantastic.


I got heartily sick of people calling me 'Paul' by accident for years on end. I even got called that on the cover of a Vertigo comic, but at least they were suitably contrite about it ...

Listening to the Beatles White Album and Elvis Costello's Cruel Smile

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